Welcome to Zappie WiFi

The easy to use, simple to set-up, no fuss WiFi solution designed for hotels, motels, campgrounds, backpackers, lodges, cafes, restaurants, marinas, holiday houses, apartment blocks or any business or individual wanting to offer free or paid WiFi.

Bring in more customers by setting up a hotspot and offering WiFi at your business.


Why use Zappie?

We now have over 100 hotspots on our network and are rapidly growing. Keep reading below to discover why more businesses are switching to Zappie for their customer WiFi.

New Zealand owned and operated

Offer free or paid WiFi to your customers

Controls usage and billing

Stops unauthorised access, reducing your running costs

Handles many users at the same time while remaining stable under high load

Easy to setup and use, simply plug in and switch on

No monthly fees, set up fees or contracts unless you require additional features

Get Started No Trouble

Buy a Zappie Hotspot for only $229

Zappie hotspots are enterprise grade with gigabit ethernet and dual band high power WiFi 2.5GHz and 5GHz. When used with a fibre connection of 100MBits or more, your customers will receive lightning fast speeds every time, and, if this wasn't enough, our hotspots are very stable under high load handling 50+ users effortlessly without crashing or requiring a reboot - unlike some of our competitors.
Zappie hotspots come with a three year warranty, and also a three month no questions asked money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the product simply return it to us within three months for a full refund. Our price of $219 includes GST and delivery within New Zealand.

Offer free managed WiFi

Offer free managed WiFi to your customers with a limit per device per day, restrict to business opening times, you can also set a common password so only your customers can use it.
No staff intervention required, no need to print vouchers, this feature is fully automated and prevents abuse of your WiFi by non-customers.

Print out WiFi Access Vouchers

Print out WiFi access vouchers ready to hand out to customers, each voucher contains a unique code.
Vouchers can limit by time or data or both and can also include an expiry and bandwidth throttling (speed limits).
There is no cost to you for printing out vouchers. Your can sell these to your customers for any price you like or even hand them out free.

Paid WiFi with Credit Card

Your customers can purchase WiFi directly using their credit card, you can set the price they pay per GB - minimum of $5 for 2.5GB. We pay you 50% of the revenue generated for the actual data usage.
So, if a customer buys a pass for $20 and uses half their data with you ($10 worth), you'll receive $5. Any revenue generated is paid monthly into your bank or PayPal account when the balance is $20 or more

Set up User Accounts

Set up user accounts for long term guests, staff, friends and family, or anyone else who requires on-going WiFi access.
User accounts can be assigned weekly or monthly data limits or no limit at all. User accounts can also include bandwidth throttling (speed limits), so you can prevent users from chewing up all your bandwidth and slowing everyone else down.
All user accounts are able to login automatically and also benefit from WPA2 enterprise authentication, no need to keep typing in the username and password every time.

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